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January 2, 2018

Apply for USGIF 2018 Awards Program

Individuals, teams, and organizations making great achievements in GEOINT or related fields are invited to apply for USGIF’s 2018 Awards Program. The awards program annually recognizes the exceptional work of the brightest minds and innovative organizations in the global multi-faceted GEOINT Community.

Award categories include academic, community support, government, industry, and military.

Have you made a great achievement in the community and want to get recognized for it? Apply today!

Download the nomination forms and submit by Friday, Jan. 12.

December 12, 2017

Young Professionals Golden Ticket Program Now Open

USGIF’s GEOINT 2018 Symposium Golden Ticket Program is now open and accepting applications. Each year, USGIF offers the Golden Ticket program as an opportunity for young professionals to win free registration to the GEOINT Symposium and an exclusive opportunity to meet and hear from seniors and innovators in the GEOINT world in a personal setting.

Only a handful of candidates who apply are selected, but the program includes private networking events, luncheons with government seniors, and admission to the chairman’s reception, among other opportunities.

Application deadline is Feb. 28 See program details.


December 2, 2017

Fraudulent Hotel Reservation Companies

Official GEOINT 2018 Housing will Open in January 2018

USGIF has partnered solely with SPARGO as its official housing company for the GEOINT 2018 Symposium, and we do not endorse or have a relationship with any other housing company.

Fraudulent hotel reservation companies are soliciting Symposium attendees and exhibitors posing as an official housing company with discounted hotel rates.

Should you receive any phone calls regarding GEOINT 2018 Housing, please verify that you are speaking with the official housing company: SPARGO, 11208 Waples Mill Road, Fairfax, VA 22030, Phone: 866-849-9827.

USGIF, the GEOINT Symposium, and SPARGO are not responsible for and cannot guarantee any reservations made through any provider other than SPARGO.

GEOINT 2017 Symposium Housing Center
11208 Waples Mill Road, Suite 112
Fairfax, VA 22030
Phone: 866-849-9827
Fax: 703-562-9049


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